• Platform Technology

    A versatile liposomal nanoparticle platform

  • NP-01: Enhancing drug uptake in tumors

    Light-Targeted Chemotherapy

    NP-01 encapsulates the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin in a light-activated nanoparticle to provide localized and systemic drug release.

    NP-01 efficacy shown in preclinical mouse studies

    Preclinical studies in mice show that NP-01 is effective in ablating tumors. These promising data highlight the great potential of NP-01 as an ablative cancer therapy. From: Biomaterials. 2016 January; 75: 193–202.

    Cutaneous Metastatic Breast Cancer (CMBC)

    41,000 women a year are diagnosed with skin metastases caused by stage IV breast cancer. This condition leads to painful lesions for which there is no effective treatment. With a clear medical need CMBC is an ideal first target for this novel nanomedicine.

  • C36: A Next Generation Vaccine Platform

    A Next Generation Adjuvant for the Next Generation of Vaccines

    C36 is similar to NP-01 but contains cobalt in its porphyrin ring structure, allowing it to easily conjugate with his-tagged peptides and proteins. This means that antigen-producing pharmaceutical companies can easily use C36 to particlize their antigens into a powerful vaccine candidate.

    Powerful Antibody Response

    When tested against typical adjuvants, the C36 advantage is clear. In trials with a malaria antigen, C36 was successful in blocking transmission of the disease. Future testing will continue to validate this up and coming vaccine platform.

  • The Team

    Talented and passionate. Building a healthier future together.

    Jonathan Lovell, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Jonathan is the co-inventor of the POP technologies. He's an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo and a winner of the NSF Career Award (2016).

    Jonathan Smyth, JD

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Jonathan is a licensed NY attorney and has a strong passion for building businesses in Western New York.

    Kevin Carter

    Chief Operations Officer

    Kevin is a Co-inventor of the POP technologies and a PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Lovell.

    Hilliard Kutscher, PhD

    Chief Researcher

    Hilliard is a research assistant professor at the University at Buffalo. He has a background in developing pharmaceutical formulations.

    Henry Miller

    Chief Communications Officer

    Henry is a MS student at the University at Buffalo. In addition, he's a project manager and the Lead Venture Coach at Blackstone Launchpad @ UB.

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