• Platform Technology

    A versatile liposomal nanoparticle platform

  • Applications

    NP-01: Light Targeted Chemotherapy

    NP-01 represents a paradigm shift in cancer treatment, bringing new hope to millions of patients across the globe. NP-01 encapsulates the widely administered chemotherapy drug doxorubicin in a unique light-activated nanoparticle to provide localized and enhanced release of drugs. NP-01 combines the therapeutic benefits of photodynamic therapies with the established chemotherapy agent doxorubicin to address difficult to treat cancers. In preclinical studies, NP-01 treatment significantly improves drug concentrations in target tumors.

    Vaccine Platform

    Next generation vaccines require a next generation adjuvant. This liposomal platform provides an anchor for novel antigens, boosting their immunogenicity. 

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